Profanity, fetenow in church

THE EDITOR: Change is a constant, but as we are witnessing in our daily lives today, TT is going too far. For example, organisers of a fashion show think a church, or any religious building, is an OK place to have women in a state of undress.

Shame on all the organisers and models, and those who said it was “too late to stop the show when the bikinis came out.” They should have covered up the bikini-clad models and allowed the photographers to snap them for the newspapers.

In TT in the 1950s, brides had to wear sleeves and high-neck dresses on their wedding day in church, or the men’s jackets were used to cover the improperly dressed brides.

What took place at the Holy Trinity Cathedral over the weekend was a disgrace. We have made it so easy to change the old customs. We now dress our five-year-olds to look like adults with low necks and heels, because “they look so cute.” And we teach them to “wine their bum bum” and we laugh at it all?

Lent is no longer 40 days of quiet and reflection. TT plays calypsoes and party all year round. And now the fete and profanity have arrived at our churches and holy places.


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"Profanity, fetenow in church"

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