PNM on QPS flags: ‘We will obey the law’

Laurel Lezama Lee Sing

Source: Facebook
Laurel Lezama Lee Sing Source: Facebook

PNM PRO Laurel Lezama- Lee Sing said the party's supporters will act responsibly during and after its campaign. This came one day after CoP Gary Griffith called on political parties to desist from plastering public and private properties with stickers for the upcoming local government elections. Lee Sing said the PNM was granted permission to string party flags between trees around the Savannah for its campaign launch and convention this Sunday.

Griffith, in the lead up to the elections, urged campaigners not to plaster posters, flyers and other paraphernalia on walls and lampposts on public and private property.

Port of Spain deputy mayor Hillian Morean told Newsday the city corporation granted PNM permission to putting up flags as part of their promotion of the convention.

PNM is the party that controls the Port of Spain corporation.

"There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a standard thing. People write to us all the time to do promotion. It’s just a matter of us giving them permission and granting them accordingly.”He said the promotion flags are temporary and will be removed after the convention.

Lee Sing told Newsday the party had told its supporters, activists, and campaigners not to deface property.

“We are disciplined and we adhere and encourage the rule of law. We will never encourage our supporters in anything that is against the law or to do anything that would compromise the integrity of the party or individuals.”

She promised the party will remain responsible during and after its campaign.

“In the last election that was an activity after, where almost every single candidate went back out into the field and started removing their posters from walls and public space.”

Earlier this week, Griffith also called on the parties to let him know about on upcoming cottage meetings and other gatherings so the police could provide proper security, specifically for supporters and candidates.

Lee Sing said by Sunday the party will have its full schedule of meetings leading up to the election on December 2 and will liaise with the commissioner to notify the police about them.


"PNM on QPS flags: ‘We will obey the law’"

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