Couva father of two murdered

A FATHER of two was executed in front of the doorsteps of his Couva home on Thursday afternoon.

Ravi Ramkissoon, 45, of Basta Hall, was shot in his head and chest several times.

According to a police report, at about 4.30 pm on Thursday Ramkissoon had just arrived home from work and was standing near his front door when he was killed.

Relatives said Ramkissoon had been threatened by a man and had reported the matter to the Couva Police Station.

Member of Parliament for the area Rudranath Indarsingh is now blaming what he described as “delinquent police” for Ramkissoon’s death.

Indarsingh said, on Monday, Ramkissoon, who was fearful, and went to the Couva Police Station to report threats made on his life.

He said Ramkissoon had an incident with a man who threatened to kill him. Ramkissoon only knew the man by his alias and did not know his correct name.

Indarsingh said when Ramkissoon went to the police station to report the matter and was told they could not investigate a report on the basis of an alias but needed to get the man’s official name.

“So no report was taken and this afternoon (Thursday) this man was shot and killed”

Indarsingh is calling on the matter to be investigated by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

At this time police are still at the scene of the crime.


"Couva father of two murdered"

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