Tobago Bible Marathon 2020 launched


The Tobago Bible Marathon 2020 was launched last Thursday at the New Testament church in Scarborough.

The five-day non-stop Bible reading event, which takes place from January 1-5 every year is intended to bring together people from different religious persuasions, throughout Tobago, and now the world, to read the entire Bible within a specific period.

People of all ages from various churches as well as schools on the island, participate in the event.

After operating as a Tobago event for the past six years, for the first time beginning in January 2020 the entire event will now be broadcast globally, where groups and organisations across the world can now get the opportunity to participate.

Each participating group is given a four-hour period in which to complete their reading assignment. At the end of the five-day period they would have covered 66 books, 1,189 chapters and over 31,102 verses of the Bible. The event is expected to be broadcast live on a local television station as well as streamed live on the internet.

The marathon was introduced in January 2014 by Pastor David Elder. It is maintained by a five-member committee which includes pastors from different denominational churches in Tobago. The purpose of this initiative Elder said, “Is to encourage persons to read their Bible as well as to pray for the nation as the new year begins, so that God will watch over and protect its citizens as we go through the remaining months of the year. Additionally, by us going global will also give Tobago the opportunity to be showcased on the world stage, thus contributing to the development of tourism on the island.”


"Tobago Bible Marathon 2020 launched"

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