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Thursday 21 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

A funeralcollectionby MSJ

THE EDITOR: Is it right for the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) to be collecting small “cash incentives” from the public?

There are several questions that need answers, including: Should the MSJ not do as well as it expects in the local government elections, will these funds be used to offset loss of deposits?

One immediately wonders if the MSJ will have to use local government corporation funds to keep it afloat and with deposit money for the general election next year. Fielding a full slate of 41 candidates will call for “serious” cash.

I do not want to walk down the contentious road of PNM/UNC campaign financing at this particular stage but the local word “scrunting” comes to mind in relation to David Abdulah’s political image-killing idea.

I mean no disrespect to members of the public who are willingly giving MSJ money. However, the idea smacks of a funeral collection by the pastor for distribution to the poor and needy.

We live in a small society where image, especially political image, is everything.


Diego Martin

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