PinkNicTT party for a cause is a hit

 - Sureash Cholai
- Sureash Cholai

THE lush greenery surrounding of Drew Manor, Santa Cruz, was an idyllic setting for an event for a worthy cause.

Co-ordinated by StrictlyFX event planners, PinkNicTT’s first event was held last Monday. In spite of light showers, those who wanted to party in pink and white for a cause came out in their numbers – and party they did.

Sponsored by the Guardian Group, Bryden, Carib Brewery and Ansa McAL, it included a breast examination area for patrons.

Event co-ordinator and marketing maven Stacey Ryan, who worked closely with the StrictlyFX team, said, “PinknicTT evolved into an even more memorable event given its initial conception of producing an experience TT has never seen to a party with a purpose.”


She said when the Cancer Society agreed to be the beneficiary of the effort, the event became more about passion and heart than work.

“It was not just another event – it was an experience to be created, bringing people together, on an emotional level, to be a part of the fight against breast cancer.”

All profits will be donated to the Cancer Society to fund breast cancer research and treatment.

A couple enjoying the ambience at PinkNicTT after having collected their packages which included food, drinks and a branded picnic blanket.
Photo: Sureash Cholai - SUREASH CHOLAI

Despite intermittent rain she said the team was blessed to have such a supportive crowd.

Partygoer Jonathan Moonsammy said PinkNicTT was a beautifully set-up event filled with a beautiful array of TT’s people and fine fashion.

“Congrats to Adrian Chandler and the StricylyFX team.

“However, when considering an event of this kind, the timing should get a bit more attention to avoid the rain, even though it did not dampen the energy of the event.”

- Sureach Cholai

He said the planners stayed true to the theme to the extent of pink food, beverages and packaging.

“It was all tastefully and beautifully done.”

Bespoke tailor Timothy Chin-Fatt said, “Rain included, the overall atmosphere was great.”

Chin-Fatt said it is always a plus when going out is for a great cause such as breast cancer awareness.

“The decor and ambience definitely kept with the theme.

“My only reservation was keeping my shoes clean.”

- Sureash Cholai

Creative director of The Lost Tribe Valmiki Maharaj said, “It was everything I expected and more. It was an absolutely amazing visual spectacle of an event. From the moment I stepped in, to walking around, there were beautiful images and spots for patrons to enjoy different experiences throughout the night.

Newsday spoke with former Cancer Society president Dr Jacqueline Sabga who said though she did not attend the event it is worthy of commendation. She said, "Years ago cancer seemed like something that only affected a small number of people, but now it is at the doorstep of almost everyone's family. It now effects everyone we know and love. People are very impassioned about trying to help, so if people believe in, and understand the vision of an event like this they will continue to show up and give their support.


Chairperson of the Cancer Society Dr Asante LeBlanc, who attended PinkNicTT said the event was well-supported and really well done by the planning team. "The proceeds which will be donated to the Cancer Society will go toward subsidising the cost for screenings at our operations at the Cancer Society screening facility at 69 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain." LeBlanc said she looks forward to collaborating with StrictlyFX and the planning team of the event in years to come.


"PinkNicTT party for a cause is a hit"

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