Cambridge Analytica fully at work

THE EDITOR: Currently, the United National Congress has a few political advertisements running on social media

One advertisement shows an Afro-Trini wiping the windscreen of “Mr Colm Imbert’s” car. The man is heard telling the minister that things are hard, he’s suffering, he lost his job, etc.

Another advertisement shows a homeless/vagrant man (Afro-Trini) being given a doubles by an East Indian male.

In a nutshell, the roles played by Afro-Trinis in the UNC political ads are vagrants, homeless people or people that are suffering.

This narrative has been that of UNC MPs, UNC political activists and UNC supporters on social media since the 2015 general election – that Afro-Trinis are suffering, Afro-Trinis are “eating grass,” Afro-Trinis owns nothing, and Afro-Trinis contributed nothing or no value to TT.

While Cambridge Analytica is fully at work, I would like to mention to the UNC that we are fully aware of the subliminal messages it is sending and the way it views Afro-Trinis.




"Cambridge Analytica fully at work"

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