Anotherexampleof crassimitation

THE EDITOR: It was in 1805 that Chinese immigrants began arriving in Trinidad as part of successive efforts by the English to supplant the established Creole population.

These immigrants were almost exclusively male and as such things go, they all intermarried with Creoles.

It is because of this rapid assimilation that, apart from the brief exception of Dragon House in Cocorite, there never developed in Trinidad any areas exclusive to Chinese, as has happened elsewhere and known in North America as Chinatown.

In Trinidad, Chinese cuisine could be enjoyed at various well-known locations around town and across the island.

The Chinatown phenomenon is yet another example of the crass imitation of any and everything North American (including Halloween, architecture and music) which makes us a laughing stock internationally.

There is even a wholly state-owned radio station which routinely runs its station identification with a North American accent.

This self-contempt has been fuelled since independence by a constant inflow of upstart returnees from North America who, having “discovered” their (racial) identity there, foment imported narratives which we lap up and regurgitate freely and enthusiastically.

This is pathetic and a direct result of the persistent failure to teach our own authentic and unique history.

It is sad to see the city fathers endorsing this penchant for delusion and the argument of change for the sake of change defies reason.

The unseemly trend of new groups making demands, overturning our traditions, co-opting our assets, revising our history and destroying our culture is dishonest, ungrateful and must cease.


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"Anotherexampleof crassimitation"

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