Tobago will surprise us

THE EDITOR: I am watching with great anticipation the beginning of events that will affect Tobago and Trinidad.

Many years ago, when I was a form three student, I had a geography teacher who was from Tobago. I clearly remember, one day, a class discussion where he stated what would happen to Trinidad if Tobago ever became independent. Issues of exclusive economic zones and ownership of oil and gas fields still resonate strongly in my mind.

In 1999, my now deceased Uncle Gerald wrote the following: "Different Currency for Trinidad and Tobago: This the Lord showed me on Saturday, 21st August 1999. And on the one for Tobago was printed: 'Don't touch Tobago.' They were separate monetary notes."

BC Pires, who is an agnostic and does not know if God exists, is being used by that same God, in his writings, and he does not even know it.

In the Newsday of November 1, BC wrote that if Tobago becomes independent, it will "have its own constitution... prime minister ... and currency".

Several commentators, including Dr Bishnu Ragoonath, do not think that Tobago can be self-reliant. They are all going to be in for a huge surprise. Watson Duke may or may not be the person to make it happen. However, it is fascinating to watch prophecy and history unfold.


Mt Hope


"Tobago will surprise us"

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