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Thursday 21 November 2019
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Letters to the Editor

PNM all the way

THE EDITOR: From 1956 to the present, the PNM remains a well-structured, organised political party, very cohesive, all-embracing and committed to the welfare of the people of TT, attending to their needs and concerns and simultaneously maintaining their freedoms, independence and democracy.

For the local government elections, the PNM has already targeted the lower income earners, ie, the URP, Cepep, daily-rated government workers, pensioners and OJT participants, where the bulk of voters reside.

In the 2020 general election the emphasis will be directed, in my humble view, towards the middle and higher income earners, ie, public servants, teachers, police and the business sector.

The Tobago House of Assembly will remain in the capable hands of the PNM after it scores a hat-trick in the 2021 election.

Under the exemplary leadership of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, TT remains PNM territory while the UNC continues to rumble in shambles, confusion, disorganisation, disintegration and fragmentation, groping aimlessly in pitch darkness with no sight of governance on the political horizon. For me, it’s PNM all the way.


Sangre Grande

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