Living time-bombs in our land

THE EDITOR: As I read about the brutal murder of Dolmati Mangroo I was once again left in a state of shock and amazement. It is not just murders in TT which are at presently 441 so far for the year, but the brutality with which these murders are being carried out. This is a clear indication that life is meaningless in our twin island state for some people, no respect for the sacredness of this God given gift – life.

Where are we going as a nation? When someone can brutally chop someone mercilessly or take a gun and empty it on another person, in my personal opinion this cannot be sane behaviour but very demonic. In our society there are people who are walking around as a living time-bomb just waiting to explode on anyone who may cross their path. As a concerned citizen it is important that we be on the alert at all times and know what it is to walk away from any form of confrontation that is becoming aggressive.

That does not mean you are a coward but you are simply using wisdom, life is too precious to be lost over winning an argument. Our society is not as before, friendly, easy going, accommodating and peaceful, so we need to take the necessary steps to avoid becoming a victim. Brutality is the order of the day this is sad but let us continue to pray and work together to bring about change in sweet TT.


San Juan


"Living time-bombs in our land"

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