Don’t legalise it

THE EDITOR: Before we legalise marijuana, let us contemplate the following: What is marijuana? What can it do to your brain and to your overall health? Can it lead to psychosis, depression or lung cancer?

My goal is not to judge anyone. I recall reading let he who is without sin cast the first stone. My focal point is to create awareness so that whatever choice we make at least we know we are making a well informed and educated choice to protect our brain, our young people’s brain and to lovingly help free those who might already be oppressed by the burden of addiction.

I love Peter Tosh’s Legalise It more than Marley’s Got to have Kaya now. But that is as far as it goes.

Sorry Santokhie. I say no to marijuana legalisation for the benefit of all mankind.

Marijuana is a very big part of TT’s addiction problem. That is the case for the prosecution. How ah talk Kevin?

A V Rampersad

Princes Town


"Don’t legalise it"

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