Reg corp opens medical office

ALL workers at the San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation will now be able to benefit from a free in-house medical facility.

The occupational health clinic was opened on Monday at Aranguez Main Road.

Chairman of the public health and environment committee Kwesi Antoine said, the facility is needed because of the type of tasks carried out by workers in this division in particular.

Principal medical and health officer Meera Shiek said the facility acts as the first point of medical contact and provides screening for the workers, regular check-ups and medical advice.

“We will do the preliminary medical exams and, only if it is necessary, further treatments and referrals will be made elsewhere.”

He added that occupational health seeks to ensure that the workers are taken care of based on their work done in the corporation, he said.

Ricky Paul, 34, who works in the sanitation department, said he was happy to have access to this type care at the corporation.

“My job is not an easy one. My batch is usually in the most unsanitary and hazardous places, cleaning garbage and debris. This gives us a fast option for medical care in case we have complications.”

The facility will be opened on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 1pm.


"Reg corp opens medical office"

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