Two in court for Carapo teen's murder

Two men appeared before an Arima magistrate on Monday after they were charged with the murder of 19-year-old Travis Sinanan on October 13.

Police said the men Yanick Mannick, 23 and Monooge Seepaul, 30, both of Carapo, were charged with Sinanan's murder when they were arrested on the night he was chopped to death.

They were remanded into custody and are expected to return to court in 28 days.

Police said Mannick and Seepaul were among four people detained after Sinanan's murder, but two other suspects were eventually released.

They were charged by members of Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II after receiving advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions on Sunday.

Sinanan was chopped after a confrontation with the men near his Passion Lane home at around 9.30 pm.

Investigators said the men ran away into some nearby bushes.


"Two in court for Carapo teen’s murder"

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