Police question relatives in Cedros woman murder

Janelle Teeluck and her husband Kenny Teeluck in happier times. -
Janelle Teeluck and her husband Kenny Teeluck in happier times. -

POLICE have since questioned several relatives and Cedros residents in the murder of Janelle Teeluck, 42, who was abducted and her throat slit last Wednesday.

Senior police said that no arrests had been made but they were working on several theories that could assist them in solving the case.

According to a police report Teeluck, who is originally from Point Fortin, was at a neighbour’s house in Bois Bourg when there was a power outage.

Moments later a group of armed men entered the house and announced a holdup. They then grabbed Teeluck and took her away.

Neighbours reported the incident to the Cedros police. They told police that was the last time they saw her.

One day later police found Teeluck’s body was found behind her house. Her throat was slit.

A district medical officer pronounced Teeluck dead and ordered the body to be removed to the Forensic Science Centre where an autopsy was done.

Neighbours described Teeluck as a loving and kind-hearted woman. They said she took care of her common-law husband up until his death a few months ago.

Kenny was ailing from cancer. “She stood by his side throughout it. She was devastated when he died but remained strong."

Weeks after his death a grieving Teeluck wrote in a Facebook post, “ I feel very sad that he is no more but his memories are what's keeping me alive right now. I'm trying my best to keep strong.”

Police of the Homicide Region Three is investigating.


"Police question relatives in Cedros woman murder"

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