Nothing to do with death threats

Faris Al-Rawi
Faris Al-Rawi

MURDER accused Rajaee Ali, through his father Imam Hassan Ali, is denying insinuations that he is the person behind death threats against Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.

Last Friday, the Prime Minister said earlier this year there was a plot uncovered to assassinate Al-Rawi. He also repeated claims he made in 2015 that his life was under threat by the then People’s Partnership government. He made the claims at the PNM’s post budget meeting at Piggott Corner, Belmont. Police Commissioner Gary Griffith confirmed he received reports on both death plots and are investigating them.

According to a newspaper article the death threat made against Al-Rawi came from a prisoner on a high profile murder charge. Rajaee Ali is charged with murdering special state prosecutor Dana Seetahal.

The article further stated that the prisoner’s father is affiliated with a well-known religious group near Arima and had been detained with another Imam in 2015 and questioned about a murder. The Imam along with Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr were both arrested in 2015 in relation to Seetahal’s murder. The senior Ali is also the Imam of a Carapo masjid. Carapo is a community near Arima.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Ali said he was taking legal advice on the next step adding while his and his son’s name were not called, everyone knows it’s them being referred to.

“None of it is true. They said I visited the AG’s office but I don’t even know where his office is. They are lying on us. Yesterday (Monday) I visited my son and he told me about the article. They have false information on me and my child. I and another Imam are the only ones in Carapo and only I have a son charged with murder.”

Also speaking on Friday night was National Security Minister Stuart Young. Young accused the UNC of colluding with criminals even stating that they hired a “criminal” at the Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

“I am here to tell you without fear of contradiction that they are engaging with criminals at the highest level. You all saw last few weeks four persons were charged under the Anti-Gang legislation? You all saw that one of those person whose alias is a day of the week? That same MP and now a deputy political leader actually employed this criminal at the HDC during their tenure in 2013 that is how far back their relationship goes.”s

Although Young did not call any names, of the four people charged recently under the Anti-Gang Legislation is Akido “Sunday” Williams is one of them. Williams’ attorney Darren Mitchell said he is “concerned” about the comments made by Young, one day after his client appeared in court.

Williams who worked at the HDC as a maintenance manager between 2010 and 2015, was denied bail last Thursday when he appeared in court last week. He is charged with counselling an alleged gang leader sometime in November last year and providing instructions or guidance in furtherance of gang-related activities.

Mitchell said: “I am concerned that after he was denied bail the National Security Minister could insinuate that he is a gang leader although he was not charged with being a gang leader.”


"Nothing to do with death threats"

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