Bus service forspecial needs students broken

THE EDITOR: You may know about the Government’s Elderly and Differently Abled Mobile Service (Eldamo). It’s a bus service that picks up special needs children (and the elderly) to carry them to their schools and picks them up afterwards.

The service has never been consistent but for working parents and guardians it was quite helpful. However, since the first week of September the buses have not been coming at all.

Contact with Eldamo has led to us being informed that they only have one working bus (despite having two months to repair and maintain the buses) and as such only the group of children closest to Port-of-Spain are picked up, the others being left to “hang.”

They never informed anyone of this; it took multiple calls to even get this little information.

It’s the end of October and the situation has not changed. Can anyone get a real answer from the Government on when it intends to repair the buses? Or if it intends to pretend it cares about some of the most vulnerable in our society for election points while ignoring them?


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"Bus service forspecial needs students broken"

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