Beating up on the poor and vulnerable

THE EDITOR: It is a fact of life that in any country, big or small, there are always more poor and vulnerable people than rich.

Another indelible fact is that their vote is what matters most as elections are won based on totals. It therefor makes little sense that the UNC appears to be on a path of scaring the vulnerable in TT.

The increase in the minimum wage is being scoffed at by the UNC. The economy cannot afford to offer more that $17.50 and the UNC says our vulnerable people are being tricked.

Small businesses would close and prices may actually treble with the nonsense talk of $20, yet the UNC persists in undermining the nightly sleep of the vulnerable.

Before you can say Jack Robinson the UNC makes mas with some fake news about the OWTU’s bid for the Petrotrin refinery. The majority of the unemployed who have been looking forward to success for the OWTU have to now sit back and be frightened into a corner. What else better is on offer from the UNC?

The unemployed and underemployed will vote for what is positive to their situation. Placing obstacles, mental or physical, will not win votes for the UNC.

Why am I giving unasked for advice to the electorate? Because image is everything and fake political news endangers the entire country. Check the US where the political fake news being peddled has made the country’s reputation vulnerable.


Diego Martin


"Beating up on the poor and vulnerable"

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