Roof of oncology unit repaired

File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.
File photo: The San Fernando General Hospital.

The South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) has confirmed that 11 cancer patients were affected by a leaking roof in the oncology unit of the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) on Friday.

In a release the SWRHA said immediate action was taken and within two hours the situation was back to normal.

It said the matter was immediately reported and repaired, delaying the administration of chemotherapy to 11 patients by approximately two hours.

“All patients scheduled for that day received their mixtures and all other patients received full care inclusive of filled prescription. Clinical operations at the unit were fully functional by 10 am,” the release stated.

The SWRHA assured the public that dedicated and ample medical care was administered at the oncology unit with the inclusion of an acting head of department and senior medical officers ensuring that services continue effectively.

“To ensure our patients and staff continue to enjoy a safe environment, our health, safety and environment and operations teams continue to conduct a full assessment to identify and immediately address any further roof repairs required. These works will be conducted on the weekends to ensure minimal disruptions to service.

“The South-West Regional Health Authority takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to our dedicated staff for their immediate response and apologies for any inconvenience caused.”


"Roof of oncology unit repaired"

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