Manswell determined to make TT go green

Kristal Manswell -
Kristal Manswell -

Green Army campaign founder Kristal Manswell intends to continue working alongside policy-makers and entrepreneurs to make TT the first green capital of the Caribbean.

Manswell, who is also chairman of Tobago Entrepreneurs Business Network (TE) and a social activist, already has 1,000 signature pledges to go green from Tobago House of Assembly (THA) members, including Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles and Minority Leader Watson Duke, along with MPs and regular citizens.

“Through this pledge, they can utilise their influence to be that change. Yes, we can have environmental groups and there are a lot of groups already pushing for this cause but it takes the policy-makers to make this change. This is why we took this direct approach. Thus far, Charles has kept this promise by working towards making Tobago a green nation.”

She told Newsday she commended the government’s decision to use water dispensers and stop the use of plastic bottles in its offices.

“We can take it one step further whereby we encourage each household to sort out their trash at home that can be collected by recycling trucks specially allocated for this.”

She said the next step is to encourage households to change the way they dispose of their waste, bringing TT closer to becoming the first green capital of the Caribbean.

“I think it’s time for citizens to be the change they want to see. The government made their move, it’s on us to make the next move towards this change. We need a greater awareness campaign for us to clearly understand we must take protecting the environment seriously.

“I have a recommendation to encourage the authority to revamp the waste disposal system. If we have another garbage truck picking us specifically plastic or can or paper, that would be excellent for the government to implement.”

She told Newsday, “My personal motto is to inspire people to be the change that we hope to see in TT, utilising whatever personal skills or influence we may possess.”

Environmental sustainability has always been a passion for Manswell during her time on the executive board for the first environmental club in Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain.

“Now that I'm older, with a larger network, I decided to utilise that influence to go beyond business networking but also campaigning for change that will help create a better planet for future generations.”

Her passion has been business and the environment; hence the reason Tobago Entrepreneurs was formed. TE is a business network that focuses on entrepreneurs uplifting each other’s business and working towards a common goal.


"Manswell determined to make TT go green"

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