Camille: Kamla continually absent from Parliament

Camille Robinson-Regis
Camille Robinson-Regis

PNM lady vice chairman Camille Robinson Regis said Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is continually absent from Parliament.

She was speaking at a PNM post-budget meeting last night held at the Arima Town Hall.

She said the PNM takes attendance at Parliament very seriously and the Prime Minister was at every sitting once he was in Trinidad.

"The Leader of the Opposition consistently misses Parliament. The only time she comes to Parliament is when one of her members has a 'bomb' to drop."

She said the "bombs" included former minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin when she spoke "disgusting things" about the Prime Minister and his father, Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal when he "talked his nonsense" and also former sport minister Anil Roberts.

Robinson-Regis said Persad-Bissessar as prime minister was not aware when women approaching former minister Glenn Ramadharsingh "had to go down on their knees and swallow more than their pride."

She said the Opposition Leader could not remember anything and "her brain is addled."

Robinson-Regis said the UNC tried to accuse Dr Rowley of being a paedophile and of receiving cheques in the AV Drilling issue.

"We have to protect our political leader at all costs. Not just because he is our political leader but because he is man of honour."

She said the Opposition tried to pretend they were forward-thinking but were in a disarray and, because they had nothing to talk about in their budget response, they had to make up their own.

"It was the equivalent of Monday Night Forum in the day."

She also urged PNM supporters to come out and vote and said not voting and not rejecting UNC "helps normalise a culture of corruption." She pointed out that despite all the UNC's "wrongdoings" between 2010-2015 the party still won six local government regions and 18 of 41 seats in the last local government election.

"That ladies and gentlemen is unbelievable."

She recalled in the Netflix Cambridge Analytica documentary The Great Hack it was stated that PNM supporters were inclined not to vote and were easily suppressed."

"That must not be our hallmark."


"Camille: Kamla continually absent from Parliament"

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