Marijuana activist deserves better

THE EDITOR: Arresting Nazma Muller was certainly a bad idea and stating she broke the law on obscenity is worse when, in fact, she used the “F” word as an adjective to describe marijuana. She didn’t described the police with the “F” word.

It is simply because the law on obscenity is outdated, immaterial and irrelevant, moreover, it is absolutely obsolete and the law that maintains its position should have long been replace or repealed, since we are a progressive nation operating in a regressive manner with an archaic constitution.

The call for decriminalisation for the minimal use of marijuana was advocated by Ivor Archie sometime ago. He stated clearly that there is more than ample evidence to set free the men and women arrested for the use or possession of small amounts of marijuana and to have their records expunged.

As a matter of fact, I read once that if a child is found in possession of a spent bullet casing, the child is culpable of breaking some sort of law – this law and many others have no place in our constitution, the constitution is in dire need of reform and no one gives a hoot about it.

Can we do better than restricting the freedom of speech?

If my fri--ing car broke down or my fri--ing car ran out of gasoline, I am inclined to shout out aloud the “F” to describe the situation and I may also kick the tire for some satisfaction providing no police is around.

Many states in the US have already passed legislation to regulate the growth and sale of marijuana, some for medicinal purposes others for recreational use, in addition, NY has opted to decriminalise and expunge the records of small time users so they can return and be assimilated back into the work force.

Muller should be set free for using the “F” word to describe marijuana and the constitution should be rewritten to remove obsolete items and afford us the opportunity to cherish freedom of speech.


New York

Editor's note: Nazma Muller was granted bail by the police and is not in jail.


"Marijuana activist deserves better"

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