Parents, follow line-of-sight rule

THE EDITOR: I am deeply saddened by the number of toddlers who were killed after being driven over by their relatives.

Whenever children are around, I always follow the line-of-sight rule before driving.

If they are inside the car with me, then fine. If I cannot see them, I refuse to move the car. They either have to be in my line of sight or another adult has to verify they are safe.

Toddlers and children can be incredibly swift.

A few months ago, a toddler, about two years old, living on my street, escaped from his yard and, unknown to his parents, who were both home, went into the street.

By some miracle I happened to be driving down the street and saw him in the middle of the road. Thankfully, I do not drive hard or fast so I saw him in time.

His parents were totally shocked when I called them. Each one thought he was with the other.

I hope this letter can save some lives in the future.


Mt Hope


"Parents, follow line-of-sight rule"

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