Marijuana activist charged for obscene language outside Parliament

Marijuana activist Nazma Muller.
Marijuana activist Nazma Muller.

Marijuana activist Nazma Muller was arrested and charged for using obscene language during a protest outside Parliament on Friday.

Muller, a vocal advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana and, in the interim, for its use for medical reasons, was released on own bail at about 8 pm.

In a Facebook post, Muller announced, "I was arrested this afternoon outside Parliament. Just been released. Fire bun!..."

Muller said she was arrested for chanting, "Free the f---ing weed." 

Replying to a concern that she could have spent the weekend in jail, Muller said this almost happened.

"They (police) tried that. Asked me if I had relatives to bail me and tell the woman officer to 'secure the prisoner'. Is the senior officer who tell me I could get station bail. I was taken into a room and asked to raise my top. For obscene language. But, Sgt Wilkinson, Jah doh sleep," she posted.

Muller has previously met the Prime Minister and presented him with a petition to decriminalise marijuana, which she has campaigned for, not only for medical use but as a reason to reduce the number of convictions of young men arrested for possession.

This past week, Muller was critical of Government's failure to table legislation in Parliament by June as had been assured by the Prime Minister.

In July, the Attorney General said the legislation would have been ready by September.

Muller has also tried to meet with the President to discuss the issue of legalising marijuana, but the President declined her request.

The founder of the Caribbean Collective for Justice, a registered NGO that advocates for social and environmental justice, vowed to continue her campaign, promising to return to the Parliament.

"Next week is more rass fire fi Babylon!" she vowed.

Government held public consultations on legalising marijuana over the past year but is yet to pass new legislation


"Marijuana activist charged for obscene language outside Parliament"

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