La Parranda starts at Hispanic Cultural Centre

Cantantes y músicos venezolanos se unen al Centro Cultural Hispano Arima para comenzar
Foto: Cantantes y músicos venezolanos se unen al Centro Cultural Hispano Arima para comenzar "La Parranda" en TT. - Grevic Alvarado

Christmas in Venezuela is full of traditions, music and colour, when families gather from the first to the last day of December to share, and the Hispanic Cultural Centre of Arima is promoting these traditions.

This week, La Casita at the HCC started rehearsals for the Christmas Parranda, in which musicians and various artists promote the villancicos, aguinaldos and gaitas of the Venezuelan holiday festival.

Andreina Briceño, director and founder of the centre, said, “We have already begun to organise people – all adults, men and women, different voices and instruments – used in this musical style, such as cuatro, drum, furruco and maracas, that give Christmas a unique sound.”

The sessions are taking place from Wednesday to Friday from 6pm at La Casita, at 36 Pro Queen Street in Arima.

"The invitation is to all people who have talent for singing or some instrument and want to participate to come and audition," she added.

"There are several proposals from various parts of TT for us to take our music. Many Trinidadians have listened to us and they like it. They want to learn a little more about Venezuelan traditions."


The Hispanic Cultural Centre is also offering free courses for boys and girls from the age of six.

For this Saturday, the first Afro-Venezuelan culture workshop is planned, with dance, percussion and singing lessons from 9am.

The instructors are Venezuelans with experience in the various areas: modern dance, traditional dance, Afro-Venezuelan dance, drum, and voice training.

At the same time the dance company will teach modern dance, national dance, popular dance and Afro-Venezuelan dance.

On Saturdays from 2pm Vicky Rojas teaches vocal technique .


The Christmas Parrandaat the Arima Hispanic Cultural Centre.


"La Parranda starts at Hispanic Cultural Centre"

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