Youngsters shine at SKIFTT kumite competition

The winners of the various categories with their medals and trophies. -
The winners of the various categories with their medals and trophies. -

SHOTOKAN Karate-Do International Federation TT (SKIFTT) held its 30th National Kumite Tournament, on October 10, with youngsters between five and 15 displaying top performances.

Karatekas participated in their respective age and belt divisions showcasing their skills and techniques in battle against each other.

First place winners in the intermediate division were Fatima College student Xyon Alexander and the Maria Regina Grade School pair of Anamika Toyer and Nyle Puckerin. Newcomers to the art of shotokan karate, Jace-Angelo Malsingh, Nehemiah Davis and Adira Mark were all first place winners in the junior division. The advanced division first place winner was Akeem Ansolia.

Medals for outstanding performances were also awarded to Mikayla Phillip for best kime (power) kumite, Taryn Toyer for most improved karateka, David Davis for most disciplined, Anaya Maharaj for best karate spirit (girl), Liam Khan for best karate spirit (boy) and Tehera Jones for best fighting spirit (girl).

Taryn Toyer, left, and Jace-Angelo Malsingh -

Sensei Neville Mason, president/head instructor and sensei Cindy Guevara, assistant instructor for SKIFTT were unable to have the tournament on such a large scale in previous years as they were training karatekas for international tournaments, including the 2016 New York Open Karate Tournament and the 2018 US Open Karate Tournament which was held in Las Vegas.

The representation at both tournaments yielded gold, silver and bronze medals for SKIFTT. Sensei Mason and sensei Guevara are currently preparing the karatekas for their annual kata competition and the upcoming national karate tournament.

The latter will be held in Tacarigua tomorrow and Sunday.


"Youngsters shine at SKIFTT kumite competition"

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