Turon Nicholas steps Forward

Turon Nicholas -
Turon Nicholas -

SOPRANO singer Turon Nicholas is stepping out for her first solo concert, Forward, this Sunday.

Nicholas who has wowed audiences with her vocal range as a member of the Southernaires Choir, with CAL Skiffle Steel Orchestra and for numerous concerts, will take centre stage at Naparima Bowl on Sunday.

Accompanying her will be well known singers Edward Cumberbatch, Krisson Joseph, Michelle Dowrich and lawyer/calypsonian Rondell Donowa. Adding to the variety will be pannist Richarde Bereaux, along with her brother Kerron Roberts.

Making her debut on stage with Nicholas will be her six-year old daughter Melody, who has already won several vocal competitions.

Nicholas comes from a musical family and the musical matriarch, Bernadette Roberts, will be on the Naparima Bowl stage to provide support on the piano.

Elan Cooper, also a master pianist, will demonstrate his ability as an accompanist.

“I have had concerts in the past, but not on this scale,” Nicholas said as she gave an insight into her reason for wanting to test the waters and venture out on her own.

“The thinking behind the Forward concept came about because of a lot of academic pursuits I would have done and still doing.”

As a wife and mother, Nicholas said the fees for musical exams, equivalent to a bachelor and master’s degrees, which she has done and is still doing with Trinity College, London, is substantial and she wanted to offset the expenses for her craft.

Nicholas, who works in a managerial position with a credit union, and has an MBA in leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, said she wanted to be able to move forward out of debt.

“Singing is and has always been my passion and I want to continue to pursue it in such a way that I would be able to reach my fullest potential in the range of my voice. This is why I pursue these exams.

“I also train persons from time to time and I want to know when I am imparting knowledge, I know what I am imparting and that’s why I see to ensure that I further my craft so I can pass it on.”

She promised patrons would be exposed to a great evening of music which would take them through different genres from the classics, Broadway music, spiritual offerings and of course, calypso.

“Its a little bit of everything.”

The show starts at 5 pm.

For further info and tickets call Nicholas at 307-9633 or Bernadette Roberts at 325-0541.


"Turon Nicholas steps Forward"

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