Libran, Love and Laughter

Errol Fabien now a great storyteller. - Gary Cardinez
Errol Fabien now a great storyteller. - Gary Cardinez

ERROL FABIEN has honed his skills as a comedian and MC into those of a very good storyteller, just like his mentor, playwright, actor and theatre historian Errol “Stalk” St Hill.

Fabien was on the cast of Libran, Love and Laughter at Kaiso Blues Cafe last Thursday, when he had the entire audience in an interactive session as he related the story of Myrtle the Turtle.

Throughout the story the audience backed Fabien, repeating words upon request as he related why turtles remain silent.

Fabien was ably assisted by Alan Augustine, a young and upcoming MC.

Abebele was joined by his children on stage. - Gary Cardinez

Shortpants performed several old-time calypsoes, to the delight of the audience, as they sang along with him.

Mr Shak and Abebele sang happy birthday to all Librans in the audience, including singer Charmaine Forde.

Gary Cordner was also on the cast.


"Libran, Love and Laughter"

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