Great care at Mt Hope

THE EDITOR: I fell sick on October 13 and visited the adult emergency department at the Mt Hope Hospital.

I walked into the building hesitantly, my head filled with tales of bad treatment. To my pleasant surprise, however, every person I encountered was helpful and professional – the security guards, the nurses and the doctors.

Although the time it took to be attended to was a bit long, that could not have been avoided as there were many people waiting for medical attention. However, the number of people did not deter the nurses and doctors from being considerate and thorough.

I thank Dr Daniel, who was the first doctor to examine me, and also Dr Ramsawak and Dr Suratsingh, who ran numerous tests to ensure that nothing was seriously wrong. They were all attentive, compassionate and worked very hard to assist all the patients.

In my opinion, these doctors gave of their best to all who came before them and they must be commended. I left the Mt Hope Hospital with renewed faith in the medical profession.


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"Great care at Mt Hope"

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