Festival of Goat tomorrow

GoatoberTT aims to highlight the various ways in which goat can be used. - Angelo Marcelle
GoatoberTT aims to highlight the various ways in which goat can be used. - Angelo Marcelle

GOAT, goat and more goat! That’s the promise from GoatoberTT, the organisers of the inaugural Festival of Goat that takes place in Port of Spain tomorrow from 3-11 pm.

“Top international chefs, cooking alongside two of our great local chefs, vendors with a variety of delicacies, interesting talks, musical entertainment and even an after party - sounds like a wonderful day,” said GoatoberTT founder Franka Philip.

The highlight of the Festival of Goat which will be held at SoundForge, Christopher Samuel Drive off Mucurapo Road in St James, is two pop-up meals prepared by chefs James Whetlor and Brigette Joseph, and James Cochran and Bianca Bianco.

The two local chefs have been collaborating with the UK chefs across time zones on the two menus in order to craft meals that have international appeal and that will excite the Trini palate.

Chef Brigette Joseph has made strides in recent years on the local culinary scene, and she says she is “really thrilled” to be cooking with Whetlor. “It’s not every day we get to meet, far less cook with a chef like him, so I couldn’t say no to the opportunity.”

GoatoberTT chef Bianca Bianco puts honey on goat cheese mousse with roasted tomatoes and thyme at the festival launch in June. - Angelo Marcelle

If patrons don’t opt for the pop up meals, there is still the chance to experience goat in different ways, as a number of food vendors will be on hand. For those who are seeking a bit of variety, some vendors will also be selling non-goat items.

To keep the day lively, there will be a number of activities and talks. The Ministry of Agriculture will use the GoatoberTT platform to highlight the themes and goals of World Food Day which was celebrated earlier this week.

The TT Goat and Sheep Society will also be there with local goat milk and cheese for sale and to speak about the sustainability of goat rearing.

As night falls on the Festival of Goat, the vibe will change with a light show by animation projection company North Eleven. The expanse of wall space at Soundforge, a structure that was meant to house Phase II Pan Groove, is perfect for this display. The light show will lead into an after party featuring DJs Razorshop and Rawkus.

Goat kromeski from Chef James Cochran's restaurant. -

Philip describes the event as “goatastic”, and hopes that after this inaugural celebration of Goatober in TT, people will start looking at the meat differently. “One of the things I am truly impressed by is the response of the restaurants who are featuring goat on their menus this week,” she said. “Where possible, they all sought out local goat. This was a real boon to the farmers who now recognise they have a new market to cultivate.”

“As Trinis, we love our curry goat, but I’m confident that people will now ask for different cuts and think about more imaginative ways of cooking it.”

This view is shared by André Bello, Virgin Atlantic’s Caribbean manager. Virgin Atlantic brought the two UK chefs to the Caribbean.

“I love curry goat but somehow I feel like we’re all missing out on goat’s full set of flavours from eating it prepared in different ways,” said André Bello, Virgin Atlantic’s Caribbean manager.

“My hope is that as we explore the full range of goat’s potential, we can make more use of this sustainable meat in local dishes. This can not only help to cement Trinidad’s place as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, but drive more business to local farmers and micro-herders.”

For more information visit the GoatoberTT page on Facebook, call or send a WhatsApp message to 325-GOAT.


"Festival of Goat tomorrow"

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