Brilliant or what?

THE EDITOR: Sometimes I wonder about the thought process of our leaders, administrators and indeed our silent technocrats.

Case in point is the budget proposal to issue free LED light bulbs to our unsuspecting citizens. I also appreciate the attempt to signal change to our energy-oblivious culture.

So just a few pointers for citizens who wish to be enlightened.

A kilowatt hour of energy is consumed if a 40-watt incandescent bulb is lit for 24 hours. One kilowatt hour is equivalent to 0.03 gallons of gasoline.

An average household will consume 60 kilowatts per month (using eight 40-watt bulbs for six hours nightly) on lighting which at T&TEC’s current rate of 26 cents will cost $15.60.

So the minister wants to cut this in half or so by spending our precious revenue to give away bulbs. This could mean savings of 30 kilowatts for the State and $8 per household per month. Brilliant or what?

Remember a gallon of gasoline can generate 34 kilowatts. So if by better roads and traffic management each motorist could save a single gallon of gas a week, we can reduce energy consumption by 136 kilowatts a month. Over four times energy and ten times more cost-effective than electricity saved per household with one vehicle.

In addition we waste precious foreign dollars on purchasing foreign gas as against local value-added electricity generation.


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"Brilliant or what?"

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