No bail for 'Sunday'

Akido "Sunday" Williams

BAIL was not considered for Akido "Sunday" Williams when he made his first court appearance at the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

However, it will be done on Thursday when he reappears before deputy Chief Magistrate Cherill-Anne Antoine in the Fifth Magistrates’ Court.

Police were given until Thursday to provide a proper criminal background tracing for him.

Williams, 39, of Basilon Street, Port of Spain, was charged with counselling a gang and was remanded into custody.

He is represented by attorney Darren Mitchell.

Williams was charged on Tuesday by officers of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which is part of the Criminal Gang Intelligence Unit.

He surrendered to police on October 2, the day after three men from Beetham Gardens appeared in court charged with gang-related offences and Police Commissioner Gary Griffith issued a media release asking for information on his whereabouts.

Ancel Villafana, Kevin Franklyn, and Kedel Montrose remain in custody after their appearances. They were all denied bail by Chief Magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle.

Villafana and Franklyn face an additional charge of being leaders of a gang.


"No bail for ‘Sunday’"

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