Cooking with love to help All Saints

All Saints Church at  Marli Street and Queen’s Park West, Port of Spain.
All Saints Church at Marli Street and Queen’s Park West, Port of Spain. -

FOR the past 173 years, All Saints’ Anglican Church has stood as a beacon of Anglicanism around the Savannah, at the corner of Marli Street and Queen’s Park West, on what was originally a part of Dert’s Pasture, adjoining Tranquillity Sugar Estate and on the verge of Paradise Estate. The oldest heritage building around the Savannah deemed a National Heritage Site (Grade 2) by the National Trust, it dates back to what was originally completed in 1846 as a chapel of ease to Trinity Cathedral in the heart of Port of Spain.

At the time it was built, the area of St Clair and Maraval was a growing residential one. Later Newtown was also developed and the chapel served parishioners who were predominantly from these areas. In 1868 the church broke ties with the cathedral, was consecrated as All Saints'Anglican Church, and became a parish in its own right, with its own rector, vestry and financial obligations.

Through the years, many surrounding structures, such as the old church hall (“the memorial hall”) and the Gordon Home for senior citizens, have been reconstructed to make room for more modern buildings. The church itself has been constantly restored to a place of beauty, yet the original structure of quaint architectural charm and beauty remains.

Concerns do now exist,which include its crumbling stone and mortar walls, weakened by moisture seepage, which need to be sealed; wooden doors, arches and windowsills heavily worn from age; and the last major earthquake (a 6.9 tremor in August 2018) and increased seismic activity have caused further wall damage and separation.

Hence the annual Saints Who Cook, with an almost 30-year history, rebranded in 2019 With Love, takes place on October 26, at the Lions Cultural Centre from 7 pm to provide a time of fellowship for the parish community and at the same time raise funds for restoration of the church. The committee quotes Bill Buford: “If you’re cooking with love, every plate is a unique event.”

Patrons are allowed three entrees from: the sweet hands of the Saints – seafood, poultry, beef, lamb, goat, duck, pork and vegetarian; and from some of the best restaurants and pro-chefs in north west Trinidad, such as Jaffa at the Oval, House of Chan, Chaud Café, Tiki Village (Kapok), Chef Debra Sardinha, Aioli Italian restaurant, Adam’s Bagels and more. There are unlimited choices from over 30 side dishes and a variety of decadent desserts, such as chocolate cupcakes with coffee filling, cheesecakes, baklava and pavlova or very simple bread pudding, banana bread and delicious coconut ice cream. A cash bar will offer premium drinks.

Entertainment includes parang, pan and more such as Frenz in Muzik featuring Gerry Prudent, and there are several beautiful door prizes. Parking with a secure shuttle service will be available.

For more info e-mail: or 732-7631, 762-4357 or 799-4851.


"Cooking with love to help All Saints"

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