Interhash 2020 keeps it Green

A view of the rain forest stream.
A view of the rain forest stream.

IN keeping with tradition of the World Interhash, the TT Interhash Committee would be working alongside the stakeholders to keep the Interhash 2020 Green.

Hashers are traditionally “green”, exploring the flora and fauna of each destination they visit, from the green countrysides of Ireland, the beaches of Bali to the deserts of Dubai. Plan It Productions and the TT Interhash Committee are putting plans in place to showcase the beauty of both islands to participants and promise to leave the environment at its best.

Both Trinidad and Tobago have some of the most beautiful scenery. Hashers will be challenged by the rain forest of the Northern Range, the rolling plains, abundant wetlands and mangroves of the Trinidad coast, while Tobago offers participants the blue Caribbean Seas, the virgin forest of the North Ridge and the spectacular dive spots of Speyside and the Sisters.

While in Tobago the Hashers will have a choice of taking part in biking trails, wind and kite boarding, stand up paddling, diving, fishing and goat racing, giving them a taste of Tobago’s “Clean, Green and Serene” spaces before they arrive for four days of action in Trinidad.

A secret pool in the Northern Range.

Once in Tobago, there will be a week of activities ranging from a tree planning exercise, a Hash Beach Rugby challenge, frisbee games, biking, touring the island, and of course the officially scheduled 28 hash runs across the island.

With over 3,000 participants arriving on our shores for a week of fun, large volumes of beer cans, water bottles and other disposable items would be discarded, and companies such as Waste Disposal Ltd will be working closely with the committee to make sure all are disposed of professionally. Other companies are also ensuring that their packaging is biodegradable at the event.

Most of the trails in TT are well cut and clean and the promoters are promising to work alongside the relevant authorities to leave them in better shape then they were found, with the placement of recycling bins that would be sent to the appropriate facilities.

Chaguaramas, Maracas Bay, Rincon, Santa Cruz, Arena Forest, Calvary Hill, Matura, Rampanalgas, Gran Couva and Piparo are some of the areas that will be in focus in April 2020, as hashers from over 75 countries descend on our shores in what is easily one of the largest world participatory events ever to be hosted in TT.

What is hashing? It’s basically trail running, looking for clues set by hares and finding the right path to the end. Trails may take you across rivers, up mountainsides, through grasslands, down sandy beaches or simply through the village streets to your final destination at the Down down sites. Down down sites are where the trail ends and the non-running fun begins, with plenty picong and punishment for those you messed up on the trials and other misdemeanors.

If you like discovering new places, trying new things, a bit of sport, plenty liming and ole talk then hashing is the thing for you. Check it out on or the Interhash Trinidad App on Google Play or Apple Store and Register now.

Join the fun. It’s happening for the first time even in this part of the world, right here in April 2020.


"Interhash 2020 keeps it Green"

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