Monitoring social media welcome

THE EDITOR: I was glad to hear that the TTPS in 2020 will create a centre for monitoring activities on social media. For some unknown reason, democracy to some is the freedom to say anything as they well please. In every society, whether democratic, there must be boundaries or else you will have madness and utter chaos. Social media as a beautiful tool seems to be a place of not just good idea-sharing and conversation, but the bad and ugly is quite present there. Some of the most degrading, insulting, foul language, racist name calling, and vulgar behaviour take place on social media for the world to see. That also includes children who are armed with their cell phone.

It is also a hunting ground for the criminal elements in our society; perpetrators live there looking for an easy prey. So the suggestion of monitoring this app is quite fitting, I believe the population will now think twice with what they are putting there. Yes, use social media and our modern technology for all the right reasons, so as a country we can progress, enough of the hate and venom-spitting with foul language which is doing us no good. Just a concerned citizen’s opinion.


San Juan


"Monitoring social media welcome"

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