TT cop 15 medals at Curacao Karate Champs

Members of the national karate team who represented TT at the 2019 Curacao Open Karate Championships.
Members of the national karate team who represented TT at the 2019 Curacao Open Karate Championships.


TT’s national karate team ventured to the 2019 Curacao Open Karate Championships, last week, to earn the number one spot, copping a total of 15 medals– eight gold, four silver, three bronze.

The tournament was held at the Ergilio Hato Stadium, in Willemstad, Curacao, from October 4-5. Eleven athletes represented TT under coach sensei Anthony Peters. TT’s competitors included teams from Argentina, Mexico, Suriname, Aruba, Bonaire, Martinique, Cayman Islands and hosts, Curacao.

Some members of the team also recently participated at the Caribbean Karate Championships, in Dominican Republic, in August, where they earned six awards. Team captain Shiva Sookdeo said he is pleased with the team’s performance and that it has improved since the last competition.

“The team continues to build in the regional and international circuit and I believe if we continue on this path we are going on, we will continue to reap the rewards that will come our way. It was a good job and a good effort.”

He also thanked Fides Ltd, a construction and restoration firm, for their assistance with sponsorship. On September 27, the company presented Sookdeo with a $20,000 cheque for five team members who required additional funds.

He said he is looking forward to their continued improvement.

TT team:

Christian Winter, gold in kata and kumite, boys 12-13

Chelsea Winter, bronze in kata 14-15 category; gold, kumite

Vikash Sankar, silver, kata and kumite, boys 14-15 category

Rochelle Luefatt, gold, kata; silver, kumite female 14-15 category

Michelle Luefatt, bronze, kata; gold, kumite in the girls 14-15 category

Kadieyah Andrews, silver, adult female open kata

Nicole Lambie (female captain) gold adult open female kata

Nathan Griffith, bronze, adult male kata

Dominic Wilkes, adult Male open kata, gold

Shiva Sookdeo (male team captain) Male +84kg gold


"TT cop 15 medals at Curacao Karate Champs"

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