Panorama 2020 launches Oct 20......Single pan starts next month

The 2019 Panorama champion BPTT Renegades of Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.
The 2019 Panorama champion BPTT Renegades of Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

According to Pan Trinbago’s calendar of events Carnival/Panorama Festival 2020 schedule, the Panorama competition is set to be launched on October 20 at Hadco Phase II Pan Groove Pan Theatre on Hamilton Street, Woodbrook from 5.30 pm.

Following the launch, competition in the single pan category will run from November 4-6, with judging of the first set of 30 steelbands registered to take part in the northern region. Then it goes to the eastern region November 7-9, in south central on November 10-11 and in Tobago, November 12, then the following day there will be the opening of the score sheets for that category at City Hall, Port of Spain.

The qualifying rounds of the small conventional bands’ competition will run from December 9-18, with the semi-finals taking place on Park Street, Port of Spain, opposite Victoria Square, on Saturday, January 4, and the final on Saturday, January 11, at Guaracara Park, Point-a-Pierre.

President of Pan Trinbago Beverley Ramsey-Moore will make good on her promise to have the medium band category final held in her hometown, Tobago.

Following the medium band preliminaries between Saturday, January 25 and Wednesday, January 29, there will be the opening of the score sheets on Thursday, January 30.

Then it’s the turn for the large conventional bands to compete for a place in the semis between February 1-4. On February 9, the national semi-finals Savannah Party is scheduled for the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The medium and large band finals will then be separated with the Medium finals on February 16, at the Dwight Yorke Stadium in Tobago, and Large final on February 22 at the Savannah.

Following is the latest Pan Trinbago Schedule for 2020 National Panorama competitions

Single Pan (qualifying round)

Northern Region: 30 bands

November 4-6 preliminaries

East Region 21 bands

November 7 (9 bands)

November 8 (7 bands)

November 9 (5 bands)

South/Central Region 11 bands

November 10-11


November 12 (5 bands)

November 13 – Opening of single pan score sheets City Hall, PoS

Single Pan Semi-finals

November 17 (30 bands) – TBA

November 24 – single pan finals (20 bands) - QPS, PoS

Small Conventional

North – 19 bands

December 9-11

East – 22 bands

December 12-14


December 15 -17 17


December 18

December 19 – Opening of the score sheets: City Hall, Knox St, Port of Spain

January 2020

Small Conventional semi-finals

January 4 – 30 bands

Opposite Victoria Square, Park Street, PoS

January 11

Small Conventional Finals –14 bands

Guaracara Park, Point-A-Pierre/ Gilbert Park - Couva

Schools Panorama 2020

January 13-16

January 19 – finals QPS, PoS

Medium Conventional Prelims

January 25 – North

January 26 –East

January 28-28 – South/Central

January 29 – Tobago

January 30 – Opening of the score sheets: City Hall, PoS

February 2020

Large Conventional

February 1 – North (4 bands)

February 2 –East (4 bands)

February 3 – Tobago (2 bands)

February 4 –South/Central (5 bands)

February 5 – Opening of the score sheets, City Hall, PoS

February 5 – THA Tobago Pan Champs to be announced

February 9

National semi-finals (Savannah Party)


Medium Conventional (14 bands)

Large Conventional (14 bands)

February 16


Medium Conventional Finals (10 bands)

Dwight Yorke Stadium

February 22

Large Conventional Finals (10)


February 29

Carnival Lagniappe



"Panorama 2020 launches Oct 20……Single pan starts next month"

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