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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Agriculture allocation a big joke

THE EDITOR: The Ministry of Agriculture seem to always find itself at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to budgetary allocations. This year it is no different.

An allocation of $.708 billion, last on the list, is a clear indication of how the Government sees this ministry. Really, that a big joke.

With all the talk of diversification, the truth is the Government does not have agriculture on its priority list.

How much can be done to really push agriculture with that allocation? We need to invest much more in this dying industry. There is need to attract the younger generation into this area of employment.

Our country is full of the potential needed to develop the agriculture industry to the point where it can be second to the energy sector as a revenue generator. But we need investors and the Government must show the way.

I appeal to all those in charge to protect this industry from becoming a thing of the pass. A country that can feed itself in these challenging times is at a great advantage.

It will be a sad day having to import things that can be grown here. Let us be wise.


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