How everyone fraid budget, unions so?

THE EDITOR: Before the Minister of Finance even opens his mouth, some people are afraid of the man. Before the trade unions could try running the refinery, everybody is asking, after their obstructionist track record, where are they going? What do they know? The minister is an engineer/construction worker, not an economist, not even a banker.

These are instances where experience and determination count more than what the rule books say. What is common between the PNM Government and the OWTU is sheer determination to succeed despite grinding challenges.

The collective opposition as represented by the PP government of 2010-2015 had 29 electoral seats and it blew it. Greed and never-see-come-see behaviour, sheer foolishness and not enough strategic planning lost it the 2015 general election.

This pre-budget week is not for mincing words. The PP/UNC lost the opportunity to govern the country for a straight 30 years through ineptness and compromise. It sits where it does with good reason.

Had the PP done the right thing by its very own poor constituents, none of them would be drowning in mud. Many poor families have been allowed to build on the banks of rivers and low-lying ground. These areas are the heartlands of the UNC. Stretching for miles. How come nobody could see what could happen, climate change or no climate change?

Instead we have the Works Minister and the ODPM running around with political plasters.

I will say it for the 100th time. There are two main political parties, the PNM and UNC. All others are just window dressing. The negativity being thrown at the Government and the trade union movement should strengthen their resolve.

It is incumbent on Colm Imbert to prove them wrong by presenting another workable budget 2019/2020.

I am expecting to have the OWTU make me eat my words when I said it cannot run a refinery. The PNM and the OWTU have to keep themselves awake with some very strong political coffee or else you know what.

Please do not make me say those words about Mr Crapaud.


Diego Martin


"How everyone fraid budget, unions so?"

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