A time for honourable men and women


A MAJOR ELECTION platform promise made by the various political parties that have occupied the corridors of power in our country was to solve the crime problem.

However, in spite of the best efforts of the present administration, citizens are still living in fear and this is so because the central question to be asked is: how much is being done with the tangible resources provided to arrest the fears of these law-abiding citizens when so many of the crimes committed go unresolved?

The low rate of detection exists because the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are always one step ahead of the police and, as such, any gains claimed to have been made by the police in the minds of the general public quickly dissipate and the police are left wanting, giving the impression that nobody in authority seems to really care about the bloodshed as a result of people being murdered almost daily.

Moreover, when police officers are themselves charged with committing crimes, it makes citizens feel hopeless and they are left bewildered.

As it stands now, a culture of death is pervading our society and citizens need to arrest it and return the country to a culture of life before it is too late. Therefore, the window to act is shrinking.

Since crime is everybody’s business, there is a dire need for citizens to rediscover the values of honesty and brotherhood otherwise the country will continue its decline into one of immorality and despair. Parents must resolve to take the first step in saving TT, because, at the end of the day, the family will determine the extent to which the culture of life is achieved.

For far too long, and at our own peril, the teachings and practices of our forefathers have been ignored, resulting in the breakdown of moral and spiritual values in the home, schools, workplace and by extension the national community.

Furthermore, people need to control their tempers and watch their language since most acts of physical violence are accompanied/preceded by verbal abuse. The rejection of these values and practices of our forefathers has ultimately brought us to this stage.

Therefore, as a nation of right thinking people, we must resolve to take charge of our thoughts because they can become our words, watch our words because they can become our actions, watch our actions because they can become our character, watch our character because it can become our destiny.

Moreover, our greatest need is for a new vision, because without a vision our people will perish. A new cadre of people must therefore emerge, dedicated to the principle of loyal service with emphasis on a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

These people must concentrate on giving this service instead of taking from the country. It was Sir Winston Churchill who said, “We make a life by what we give.” And Nelson Mandela said, “The measure of a life is the difference we have made to the lives of others.”

In addition, our elected officials, in particular, need to set a better example for our young people. At present, many of them are not doing so, yet out of due respect for the positions and authority they hold, they are referred to as “honourable” in the true sense of the word.

It is therefore imperative that political parties step aside from favoritism and select prospective candidates for the upcoming local and general elections who are truly honourable men and women, patriots who will have mutual respect for one another, regardless of which side of the bench they sit in the Parliament or the council chamber.

They must also be able to distinguish between being a parliamentary representative/local government representative and a constituency delegate as they are not there to represent the interest of the party’s constituency group only, but the interests of all the constituents, regardless of colour, class, race, creed or party affiliation.


"A time for honourable men and women"

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