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Saturday 19 October 2019
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Letters to the Editor

TT a 'hell hole' indeed

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister is on the right lines when he mentions the words "hell hole" when referring to Trinidad. Don't just ask me about Trinidad being a "hell hole." Ask many local citizens and those onlookers from abroad.

There are just too many reports of too many bad events occurring daily on this island for it not to be viewed as a "hell hole". No country can be prevented from being labelled a "hell hole" where there is so much crime with citizens living in fear of their lives, together with so many other adverse daily events which is continuing to tarnishing the image of a nation.

At present there is nothing good that is happening on this island to prevent it being really considered as a "hell hole" despite what anyone may say. Just have a look at the daily reports and complaints from our citizens in the local newspapers this morning, for the embedded signs and trends of this nation being considered a "hell hole."


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