Vehicle for cookies – not burglar

THE EDITOR: I marvel at the number of brave police who were deployed to “arrest” some marijuana cookies and I wonder if the service is overstaffed.

What I find funny is that the report said this raid was based on “intelligence” when it should have been “lack of.” You mean our police have so much time on their hands that they can monitor what is being sold at a bake sale?

I suppose this is really an indictment on the officers – they can’t be trusted with anything more important than “arresting” cookies. Compare that with a friend who reported a burglar in her house. “We can’t come now…no vehicle…vehicle but no gas.” All officers out on a cookie raid?

Hours later, when the danger has passed, the brave officers showed up. What for?

I suppose some officers volunteer to go on cookie raids but balk when there’s a hint of danger involved?

If this is any indication, given the despatch with which the cookies and three people were arrested and brought to court for this heinous crime, I have the fullest confidence in our commissioner that crime in general, and murders in particular, would soon be arrested.


Mt Hope


"Vehicle for cookies – not burglar"

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