Clarification for shocked letter writer

THE EDITOR: I make reference to a letter by one Desmond Chase, titled “Shocked by Meighoo’s accusation against PM.”

Unfortunately, Chase’s shock is based on a total misunderstanding.

My letter was not in reference to the Prime Minister’s Republic Day “Engagement with the Diaspora” in Brooklyn.

Indeed, I am pleased to actually learn of the event, and that it was an historic triumph. I wish all such endeavours the greatest of success and congratulate the organisers.

I myself was in New York City earlier this year and had the honour of addressing the Caribbean Day festivities at the Cathedral Church of St Thomas the Apostle in Harlem under the leadership of Bishop James P Roberts, an associate of the late Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr in the historic Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

What I referred to in the letter was something much more substantial and international, namely the PM’s ringing of the bell at Nasdaq on September 27 in which his description of the culture of TT was extremely narrow, old-fashioned and myopic, alienating almost half of the population of the country and their undeniable contributions to the national cultural complex of TT.

Chase can find the Prime Minister’s address online and judge for himself.

That said, if Chase would like to meet, I am more than willing to so do. He sounds like a proud patriot.




"Clarification for shocked letter writer"

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