Precious Paintings opens today

Precious Paintings opens today and continues to October 26 at 101 Art Gallery in Newtown.

The exhibition will feature 250 original works of art created by this country’s painters, sculptors, wood carvers, bronze casters and illustrators. Among them are Michel Jean Cazabon, Geoffrey and Boscoe Holder, Carlisle Chang, Sybil Atteck, Ken Morris, Luise Kimme, LeRoy Clarke, Carlisle Harris and Peter Sheppard. SMany of these creations are normally housed within the private residences of esteemed collectors and are being returned to public viewing for the first time in several years.

The exhibition will also feature the book launch of Cazabon: New Perspectives, a publication by Kenwyn Crichlow, Jackie Hinkson, Mark N Pereira and Judy Raymond, which will coincide with the official opening of the event at 5 pm on Saturday, following two days of previews. There will be a special mini-exhibition of Cazabon paintings and other illustrations used in the book that will run from October 3-10 only.


"Precious Paintings opens today"

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