Let’s join handsto stop crime

THE EDITOR: What type of animal will stab a stroke victim to death and proceed to rob them? That is the fate of Chanday Lalloo who was murdered on Saturday.

Her killer is the type of criminal we are dealing with in TT. They are walking our streets waiting for an opportunity to pounce on another victim.

Lalloo’s murder is just one of the hundreds of cases of brutal murders that have taken place in sweet TT over the last few years.

Today I am appealing to all, beginning with those in charge, the business sector and citizens, to come together in the fight against crime. You never know who will be next. And there is no safe haven anymore.

The police need all the support they can get. Not just moral support but also in the legal system and most definitely in our Parliament.

How much more blood must be spilt before we unite against crime in our country? Let us not use what is taking place as a political tool. Innocent lives are being lost every day. It’s not the time to play politics.

Our nation is bleeding. But together we can stop the haemorrhaging. Let us work as a team to stop what is happening.


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"Let’s join handsto stop crime"

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