Shocked by Meighoo’s accusation against PM

THE EDITOR: This is in respond to Dr Kirk Meighoo’s letter in the Sunday Newsday, headed “TT is all of us,” with regard to the Prime Minister’s Republic Day “Engagement with the Diaspora” in Brooklyn.

I am almost certain that Meighoo was not present at this event judging from his utterly distorted misrepresentation of what was perhaps the most diverse and proud collection of Trinis I have seen gathered without music, alcohol and dancing during my almost 40 years of active involvement in our community.

I am not by any means a fanatical supporter of any politician including Dr Rowley but I am shocked that this individual would deem it necessary to utter such defamatory and baseless accusations indicating that the Prime Minister was responsible for what he concocted as his designed invitation leaving out sections of the Trini family that most of us have never seen fit to identify.

This individual also saw it fit to point out with dismay our national instrument the steelband, Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Machel Montano as elements of myopic segregationist thinking. Meighoo needs to re-examine the source of his thoughts which should reveal that his expressions were self-designed.

I would be willing to meet with him personally to have a discussion over some “buss up shut,” doubles, and callaloo,” which I would provide.

Finally, the planning committee members of this event can stand with their heads high for putting together such a diverse collection of our people from the varied spectrum of race and culture.

One of the highlights of this event was the effort to rename “Piarco” as the “Eric Williams International Airport” and I pray this long overdue accomplishment would find favour with Meighoo.


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"Shocked by Meighoo’s accusation against PM"

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