Hitting the right Note 10

The Samsung Note 10 mobile phone.
The Samsung Note 10 mobile phone.

It's been described as a computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

With all the functionality and storage of a computer, Samsung's Note 10 and Note 10 plus entered the TT market in early September and immediately sold out at the brand's Experience Store in Gulf City Mall, San Fernando. It has already been restocked.

At a cost of around $7,500 for the Note 10 plus and $6,500 for the Note 10, the mobile devices feature up to 256 GB of internal storage, two options for screen size, intelligent charging to help avoid the battery dying and an intelligent S pen that allows users to turn handwriting into text. And those are just a few of the features.

Samsung sales manager Jarrod Best-Mitchell.

Business Day spoke with Samsung's sales manager Jarrod Best-Mitchell to discuss the Note 10 and its impact on a tech-savvy local market.

"Everybody wants a big screen to watch Netflix and YouTube, they want the biggest screen possible," Best-Mitchell. The Note 10 plus comes with a 6.8-inch screen, while the smaller version of the device comes with 6.3 inches of screen.

"The key difference between both devices is that the Note 10 doesn't come with expandable storage," Best-Mitchell said.

While some may be up to the challenge, 256 GB of memory is a lot to fill. At the time of his interview with Business Day, Best-Mitchell had over 7,000 videos and 6,000 photos on his Note 10 plus, which took up barely 50 per cent of the internal storage.

"The device is for people who understand what they are buying and investing in. We say the word investing because a phone is not something you spend on. It is something you invest in because you know what you are getting out of it. Consumers are super smart now. They do the research.

"We are happy that our customers are very dedicated to the product and we support them by making sure the actual devices are available to them in stores to test and use. No matter where you go, you can see the devices."

Best-Mitchell said with Samsung users, price is rarely the issue as people know what they are buying, noting that of the two versions of the Note 10, it was the more pricey Note 10 plus which sold out.

"People say the economy is bad but want to buy the best phone in the world to talk about it."

Is the Note 10 plus the best phone in the world though? That depends entirely on the user.

For content creators and power users, Best-Mitchell said, the Note 10 gives them all the tools they need.

Some of its features eliminate the need for downloading apps to do things like edit videos or photos and with its partnership with Adobe, Note 10 users get a 20 per cent discount on purchasing Adobe Premiere Rush.

"Your phone now is your ultimate device. We want to make sure that for users they get the full functionality with everything they do. We have improved on battery life, we have an intelligent battery that manages it. We have done a lot more for customers."

Most of the features which come with the Note 10 are features based on customer response. Best-Mitchell said Samsung is committed to improving user experience.

"It is honestly one of the best experiences you can have on a mobile device."


"Hitting the right Note 10"

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