OWTU, ball’s in your court

THE EDITOR: I must say it was joy in the OWTU camp after learning they won the bid for the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery at US$700 million. I am still wondering who is paying for that. Well, I guess our unions are doing well financially, so glad to hear this. Now the tables have turned, no longer the OWTU can blame anyone for poor management and all the negatives that was said in the past about the way the company was being run.

The ball is now in your court OWTU to do all that you were convinced that should have taken place at the refinery. With all that I have heard, and read, you gave the nation the impression that you had all the answers, here is the platform to prove your declarations. Let me say again, job well done OWTU for winning the bid. Trinidad and Tobago is waiting to see what is next on your agenda, you have had your wish. The journey now start, so I wish you all the success.


San Juan


"OWTU, ball’s in your court"

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