PoS city cop arrests tool thief

Minutes after signing out from the Central Market police post in Port of Spain, this morning, an off-duty city policeman arrested a man accused of stealing a power tool from another officer.

Police said the PC Thomas left the station at about 7.30 am and was driving along Abattoir Road, when he noticed a man walking away with a belt sander.

He stopped the car and asked the man where he got the tool from but he ran away.

PC Thomas ran after the man, caught him, placed him under arrest and took him to the police post.

Enquiries by Cpl Dwayne John and acting Sgt McShine revealed the man broke into an officer's car parked outside of the market and stole the tool.

Police said the 50-year-old Sea Lots man was released from prison for a similar offence, two weeks ago.

He was charged by PC Thomas.


"PoS city cop arrests tool thief"

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