Inconsistencies in Parliamentare alarming

THE EDITOR: The uninformed view refuses to acknowledge or accept the truth that in this country the average citizen is probably guilty of “political heresy.” We hurry to give opinions without even sitting through or watching a parliamentary debate.

The House of Representatives’ 43rd sitting, fourth session, 11th Parliament was a sad reminder of the way serious issues in our country are treated. The Deputy Speaker is consistently “not entertaining” questions that bear pertinence to our country, nor pays heed to the fact that this is our country and not PNM, as some feel.

The population needs to become more informed; it’s our duty. The semantics and platitudinous sound bites emanating from the House of Representatives only serve to highlight the ineptitude of our legislators and the ignorance of our people towards progressive politics.

The inconsistencies are alarming. On one hand, the Government justifiably dealt with the archaic child marriage laws but quizzically considers the Sedition Act as archaic but necessary. Convenient truth?




"Inconsistencies in Parliamentare alarming"

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